I’m making my domain registrar very happy with the yearly amount I’m paying them for all of my ideas.

Below you’ll find a glimpse of the stuff I’ve worked on along side my professional career.


Encounters at the Ramen Shop

After toying around with GPT-3 I decided to push this text-generating A.I. to its limits. Encounters at the Ramen Shop is collection of thirty short stories about a ramen restaurant where every scene is bound to escalate into an absurd conclusion. Next to the blog there’s a book (cover art by Dall-E) and an automatically generated podcast (powered by A.I.) on Spotify.


Take My Money

Takemy.money is a gift blog I’m operating since a few years. I’m the sole author writing about popular gadgets and gifts for various audiences. Search engines provide the majority of my website traffic, trying to reach maximum results with minimal costs and time.



How to Draw Stuff (sold in 2020)

I’ve started How to Draw Stuff as a YouTube channel to upload some basic drawing videos from me and my partner. As soon as some videos started to magically generate quite some views (and some tiny ad revenue) I became a bit more serious about it, to the point where a freelancer drew the content and I made sure to target the right YouTube keywords / metadata and create pretty thumbnails for maximum exposure. After reaching millions of views on some videos and over 150K subscribers I sold the channel in 2020. I’m happy to see it’s still growing strong under the new ownership


Visitors Analytics for iOS (deprecated in 2017)

At one point I was operating so many side project websites at once (experimenting with SEO and affiliate marketing) the native Google Analytics app was too cumbersome to see a single overview of unique users and pageview for my entities. I took it on myself to binge some Objective-C tutorials and books (shoutout to https://www.raywenderlich.com/) and build the app I needed to get a quick glance on my visitor amounts for the day.

See description on App Advice

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